With the BAgLOB* science initiative, we want to …

  • initiate an exchange of knowledge about scientific work on using farms as places of learning at a national and international level,
  • provide information about research topics which are in progress or where further research is needed, as well as
  • designate appropriate contact persons at German and European colleges and universities,
  • create contacts between scientists who research in the field of learning on farms

The initiative is concerned with scientific work in the field of learning on the farm in a narrower sense, that is, the development of formal and non-formal learning objectives aimed at adults, young people and children, as well as research on the necessary framework conditions, influencing factors and implementation.

In addition, topics will be included which in a wider sense are relevant to the farm as a place of learning: social farming, animals in education and school garden pedagogics. Through future research, additional relevant topics will be included in the exchange initiative.

*BAGLoB: German Federation for the Farm as a Place of Learning

Heike Delling, Lars Paschold, Malte Bickel, Gabriele Diersen